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Take a few minutes to complete the account creation form below and I'll automatically build your custom site designed to drive traffic to your business based on keywords that YOU specify.

I encourage you to promote your primary business using Lead Gusher. That's what it's designed for.

Generating leads through your system and grabbing easy cash commissions through Paypal are an added bonus, and that can even happen automatically!

The signup form should be pretty self-explanatory. Consider the fields for "headline, subhead1, subhead2, etc" as your "ad". Think in similar terms to what you might use as a pay-per-click ad or short classified.

What you enter there will appear as an advertisement for your business like you see near the top of this page.

Here is an example...

Get Free Targeted Visitors (headline)
Set and forget advertising that works (subhead1)
Takes 3 minutes to turn on the traffic (subhead2)

Also take a few minutes to really think about THREE keywords or short keyword phrases that people searching for what you're offering might type into a search engine to find you.

Just using "home business" or "mlm" is not recommended. Those terms are too general to really benefit you because there is so much competition. You'll be much better off coming up with three great keywords specific to your business or product.

NOTE: If using a multi-word keyword phrase, separate the words with a plus sign (+) instead of spaces. There can be no spaces anywhere in your keyword phrase. Just letters and + signs.

Example: easy+home+business

In the field for business name, just put the name of the business or product you are promoting. For web site URL field, put the ENTIRE URL to your web site, including the http:// on the front. If you leave that part out, your link will not work.

I know the fields appear in an odd order in the form below. It's because they are sorted alphabetically. Please don't let it confuse you ;-)


  • "Username" cannot contain spaces and must be comprised of only letters or numbers

Because we ALWAYS have problems with Yahoo filtering our email, it is recommended that you use a Gmail account or an account that you know does not filter out email that you want to receive. If you use Yahoo you can pretty much be assured that you won't receive your welcome email.

Once you are signed up, check for your welcome email and let your other contacts know about your Leadgusher page immediately! You can send them to your lead capture page (aka "squeeze" page) to help them get additional exposure for their businesses too, and potentially earn $12.00 in paid-daily commissions for each!

Please read NOTE above regarding keyword phrases. They must not contain spaces. If you have a multi-word keyword phrase, separate the words with a + sign instead.

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